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Title: Професійно-творчі вміння майбутніх педагогів як основа їхньої професійної компетентності
Other Titles: Professional and Creative Skills of the Future Teachers as the Basis of their Professional Competence
Authors: Зайцева, Інна Олексіївна
Zaitseva, Inna Oleksiivna
Keywords: професійна компетентність
професійно-творчі вміння
сучасні педагоги
майбутні фахівці
дистанційне навчання
professional competence
professional-creative skills
modern teachers
future specialists
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Зайцева, І. О. Професійно-творчі вміння майбутніх педагогів як основа їхньої професійної компетентності [Текст] / І. О. Зайцева // Педагогічні науки: теорія, історія, інноваційні технології : науковий журнал / МОН України, Сумський держ. пед. ун-т ім. А. С. Макаренка ; [редкол.: А. А. Сбруєва, О. Є. Антонова, Дж. Бішоп та ін.]. – Суми : СумДПУ ім. А. С. Макаренка, 2015. – № 7 (51). – С. 48–54.
Abstract: У статті окреслено наукові підходи до визначення професійно-творчих умінь як основи професійної компетентності майбутнього педагога, показано актуальність вивчення даного феномену. Виявлено нові кваліфікаційні характеристики професійних умінь творчого характеру як показника готовності до професії сучасного педагога. Розглядаються умови ефективного формування професійних компетентностей майбутніх учителів в умовах дистанційного навчання.
In the article the scientific approaches to the definition of professional and creative skills as the basis of professional competence of a future teacher are denoted, the relevance of the study of this phenomenon is pointed out. It is identified new qualifications of professional skills of creative nature as an indicator of readiness for the profession of a modern teacher. It is considered the conditions of effective formation of professional competencies of future teachers in distance learning. In our research the following professional and creative skills are singled out: 1) diagnostic: the ability to perform critical analysis and evaluation of the professional situation and results of the activity; 2) prognostic: the ability to formulate a professional problem, purpose and professional creative tasks that need to be solved to achieve a result-goal; 3) organizational: the ability to demonstrate creative and executive leadership, to organize the creative life activity of collectives; 4) didactic: the ability to transfer knowledge to others, use innovative teaching opportunities of applied educational technology and realize the basic teaching principles. It is determined that the professional and creative skills are the basis of professional competence and means of creative abilities realization. In order to succeed in their formation in distance learning the basic conditions are singled out: 1) willingness of teachers to use innovative distance learning opportunities; 2) organization of cognitive and creative dialogue interaction of students with the teacher by means of distance learning; 3) competent pedagogical diagnostics of the products of students’ professional and creative activity. Based on the analysis of general and methodological literature the essence and didactic possibilities of distance learning are determined – interaction between the teacher and the student in a specific educational environment via telecommunication technologies. With the use of modern technology of distance and heuristic learning in the university education system is provided the successful formation of basic professional and creative skills of future specialists. In the article the system of principles of distance learning is presented, that provides the formation of professional and creative skills of future specialists.
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