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Title: Характеристика підготовчо-тренувально-корекційного етапу роботи центру «СКІФ» СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка
Other Titles: Characteristic of the Preparatory-Training-Correction Work Stage of the Centre "SKIF" of Sumspu Named After A. S. Makarenko
Authors: Кравченко, Анатолій Іванович
Kravchenko, Anatolii Ivanovych
Keywords: центр «СКІФ»
діти із сенсорними порушеннями
center "SKIF"
children with sensory impairments
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка
Citation: Кравченко, А. Характеристика підготовчо-тренувально-корекційного етапу роботи центру «СКІФ» СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка [Текст] / А. Кравченко // Педагогічні науки: теорія, історія, інноваційні технології : науковий журнал / Міністерство освіти і науки України, Сумський державний педагогічний університет імені А. С. Макаренка ; редкол.: А. А. Сбруєва, О. Є. Антонова, Дж. Бішоп [та ін.]. – Суми : Вид-во СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка, 2017. – № 1 (65). – С. 241–250.
Abstract: У статті схарактеризовано другий етап роботи центру «СКІФ», спрямований на стимулювання провідних фізичних якостей вихованців із сенсорними порушеннями. Увагу акцентовано на визначальних для їх розвитку чинниках, а також методах і засобах, що вможливлюють розв'язання корекційно-розвивальних і фізкультурно-спортивних завдань.
The article describes the second phase of the work of the centre "SKIF", which is aimed at stimulation of the leading physical qualities of pupils with sensory impairments. The attention is focused on defining their development factors as well as methods and means that solve remedial and sports challenges. The following research methods were used: theoretical - analysis of special pedagogical literature on the identified problem; practical - leading preparatory-training- remedial stage of work with children at the centre "SKIF", empirical - calculations and comparative characteristics of the results. Throughout this stage in order to improve technology, enhance training effects and facilitate the integration of children with sensory impairments, experts in the field of physical culture practice repeated exercise. Their selection, the regulation of the duration and intensity determine the nature and degree of impact on the body of pupils, and develop their abilities. It is concluded that correctional-developing component of the pedagogical activities of the centre "SKIF" is closely connected with teaching children with sensory motor impairments and impairments in the development of motor skills. Therefore, at the second - preparatory-training-correction stage a complex of sports and remedial and rehabilitation activities is carried out, during which considerable attention is paid to the formation of high physical or athletic skills and achievement or to improving performance in the indoor football due to competitive activity. This puts high demands on the physical and psychological fitness of a footballer with a disability, so children playing indoor football and doing other kinds of sports activities in the centre "SKIF", work on individual correction-rehabilitation programs. Each section shows the close connections of education, upbringing, correction of the broken functions and rehabilitation after physical loads. All measures in the frames of the programs provide comprehensive physical, mental and moral development of pupils. Prospects for further research in this direction are seen in the improvement of correction-rehabilitation and health-protection stages of the activities of the centre "SKIF".
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