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Title: Науково-організаційні засади діяльності Малої академії наук України
Other Titles: Scientific and Organizational Foundations of the Activity the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Authors: Лавриченко, Наталія Миколаївна
Lavrychenko, Nataliia Mykolaivna
Keywords: Мала академія наук України
соціалізаційна робота з обдарованими дітьми
Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
educational and socialization work with gifted children
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Лавриченко, Н. М. Науково-організаційні засади діяльності Малої академії наук України [Текст] / Н. М. Лавриченко // Педагогічні науки: теорія, історія, інноваційні технології : науковий журнал / МОН України, Сумський держ. пед. ун-т ім. А. С. Макаренка ; [редкол.: А. А. Сбруєва, О. Є. Антонова, Дж. Бішоп та ін.]. – Суми : СумДПУ ім. А. С. Макаренка, 2015. – № 8 (52). – С. 75–86.
Abstract: Стаття привчена Малій академії наук України як освітній інституції загальнонаціонального значення. Нині це єдина в Україні організація, яка цілеспрямовано й професійно опікується духовним, творчим, інтелектуальним розвитком обдарованих дітей та молоді, залучаючи їх до науково-дослідницької, експериментальної, конструкторської, винахідницької діяльності.
This article is devoted to the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as the education institution of national value. Nowadays, it’s the unique organization in Ukraine which purposefully and professionally takes care of spiritual, creative, intellectual development of the gifted children and young people, attracting them to the research, experimental, designer, inventor activity. The Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the leading establishment in the system of out-of-school education, which is traditionally well developed in Ukraine. Here, it takes part in the unique and original experience, without an overstatement speech, and its experience is valued in Ukrainian educational space and abroad as well. It is necessary to underline that achievements of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is supported not only by the politicians, statesmen, governments of different levels, but also by volunteer effort of many enthusiasts in the different parts of the country. During of a comparatively short period (1995 – 2015) in the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the adequate aims and tasks of this structure are produced; organizational-pedagogical mechanisms of activity, scientific principles and methods of pedagogical work with young students are developed, experience of social partnership with different institutions and subjects in matters of cherishing the intellectual elite of nation is accumulated. It is impossible to reveal the amount and variety of activity of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (educational directions, projects, research programs, actions) in all plenitude on the columns of one article, that’s why in this publication we were concentrated on the most general and basic foundations of the activity of the Academy – normative, organizational, methodological, methodical, and practical. In conclusion of the analytical essay on the activities of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine it can be argued that this organization has a good tradition and confidence to be filled with positive expectations of the future. These expectations form the most talented children of our country, and their plans, hopes, dreams and desires are the living energy, which will stimulate further development of the MAS of Ukraine.
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