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dc.contributor.authorМордвінова, Інна Віталіївна-
dc.contributor.authorMordvinova, Inna Vitaliivna-
dc.identifier.citationМордвінова, І. В. Організаційно-педагогічні засади здоров'язбережувального виховання молодших школярів у сучасній Польщі [Текст] : автореф. дис. ... канд. пед. наук : спец. 13.00.01 – Загальна педагогіка та історія педагогіки / І. В. Мордвінова ; МОН України, Сумський держ. пед. ун-т ім. А. С. Макаренка. – Суми, 2015. – 20 с.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractДисертацію присвячено аналізу тенденцій зародження та розвитку здоров’язбережувального виховання в польських школах у 90-х роках XX – початку XXI ст., визначенню можливостей використання прогресивного польського досвіду в аспекті досліджуваної проблеми в Україні. Здійснено порівняльний аналіз стану розробленості досліджуваної проблеми у вітчизняній та польській системі початкової освіти. Схарактеризовано сутність понять «здоров’я молодших школярів» і «здоров’язбережувальне виховання» в сучасній виховній системі Польщі, виокремлено історичні етапи їх розвитку в Польщі. Досліджено нормативні, змістові, організаційно-методичні засади визначеного феномену. Обґрунтовано можливості використання прогресивного польського досвіду здоров’язбережувального виховання молодших школярів у вітчизняних школах на державному, регіональному та інституційному рівні.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractDissertation is devoted to the analysis of the trends of the foundation and development of health-saving education in Polish schools in the 90-ies of the XX and the beginning of the XXI century. The possibilities of using the progressive ideas of the Polish experience in the primary school teachers’ activity and teachers of higher educational institutions of Ukraine are defined. Was made a comparative analysis of the research problem in the native and Рolish system of primary education. The use of structural and logical analysis of a wide range of studies highlights the aspects of health-saving education (biomedical, educational and political, managerial, professional and pedagogical, valeological education, informative and methodical). The comparative, historical and chronological analysis of scientific literature on the researched topic allows to distinguish three stages of health-saving education in Poland: Ι period (1950–1989) – advocacy – the characteristic feature is creating and updating all educational establishments, making a number of school reforms and introduction of the subject «Health-saving education» in the curricula of higher education institutions, printing the educational materials, textbooks, manuals, guidelines, programs; ΙΙ period (1990–2005) – standardizing is accompanied by the adoption of the laws and standards for schools, training of primary school teachers and improvement of education and training in Poland; legal documents were the impetus for the development of educational and prevention programs, textbooks for teachers and accession to the European network of «Health Promoting Schools»; ΙΙΙ period (2006–2014) – modernization is characterized by the adoption of the «Strategy of Education Development for 2007–2013», implementation of the unit «Education for Health» in the curriculum of secondary schools of «Physical education» and its inclusion in the curriculum content of higher education of future primary school teachers. The author has defined the content (books, training, educational and prevention programs for secondary schools in Poland), organization-methodological (approaches, principles, models, means, forms, tools аnd technology of health-saving education) bases. Based on a comparison of the features of the Polish system of education and training the defined prospects of progressive experience in the Polish aspect of the problem in Ukraine at the national, regional and institutional levels are determined. At the national level it is necessary to improve the legislative framework of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, to introduce health-saving, prevention programs in Ukrainian primary schools; to increase financing of primary schools; to improve volunteering and social work, international cooperation and schools partnership of Ukrainian primary schools with other countries; to increase the number of schools that would be included in the network of «Health Promoting Schools» and the creation of health centres; to work out strict control over the production of vaccines against infectious diseases; to develop the educational television programs on health-saving theme. At the regional level it is necessary to implement health-saving education of junior schoolchildren; to provide schools with highly skilled specialists; to provide broad implementation of educational and health-saving programs in primary schools («Art to be healthy», «School Health», «Useful Habits», «ABC Food»); to perform the prevention of infectious diseases; to develop regional programs and regulations of health-saving education in primary schools. At the institutional level it is important to provide a sufficient number of health-saving literature in primary schools; to create the game zones in schools; to organize active breaks and free time of primary schoolchildren; to borrow the experience of Polish schools to develop own educational programs; to create centres of information, hotlines; to establish close cooperation of the primary schools with medical institutions, rehabilitation and wellness centres, law enforcement agencies and services for minors. The study does not cover all aspects and problems of education of health-saving junior schoolchildren in contemporary Poland. The perspective is to further research and comparison the problems of health-saving continuity in the education of children of preschool and primary school age in Poland and Ukraine; generalization of progressive Polish experience of training future primary school teachers to health-saving activity of junior schoolchildren.uk_UA
dc.publisherСумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренкаuk_UA
dc.subjectздоров’я молодших школярівuk_UA
dc.subjectздоров’язбережувальне вихованняuk_UA
dc.subjectорганізаційно-педагогічні засадиuk_UA
dc.subjectпрогресивний польський досвідuk_UA
dc.subjectісторичні етапиuk_UA
dc.subjecthealth-saving educationuk_UA
dc.subjecthealth junior schoolchildrenuk_UA
dc.subjectPolish progressive ideasuk_UA
dc.subjectоrganizational and pedagogical basesuk_UA
dc.subjecthistorical periodsuk_UA
dc.titleОрганізаційно-педагогічні засади здоров’язбережувального виховання молодших школярів у сучасній Польщіuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeОrganizational and Pedagogical Bases of Health-Saving Education of Junior Schoolchildren in Contemporary Polanduk_UA
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