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Title: Формування контрольно-оцінювальної спроможності майбутніх учителів музичного мистецтва
Other Titles: Forming of Control-Estimating Possibility of Future Teachers of Musical Art
Authors: Петренко, Марина Борисівна
Petrenko, Maryna Borysivna
Keywords: концертмейстерські інтерпретаційні вміння
контрольно-оцінювальна спроможність
майбутні вчителі музичного мистецтва
concertmaster’s interpretative skills
control-estimating possibility
future teachers of music
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Петренко, М. Б. Формування контрольно-оцінювальної спроможності майбутніх учителів музичного мистецтва [Текст] / М. Б. Петренко // Теоретичні питання культури, освіти та виховання : збірник наукових праць / Київський національний лінгвістичний університет. – Київ, 2019. – № 1 (59). – С. 33–36.
Abstract: У статті актуалізовано проблему формування контрольно-оцінювальної спроможності як одного з напрямів у роботі з формування концертмейстерських інтерпретаційних умінь майбутніх учителів музичного мистецтва.
In the article the problem of forming of control-estimating possibility updated as one of directions in-process from forming of concertmasters of interpretation abilities of future teachers of musical art. Concertmaster’s interpretative skills of future teachers of musical art as a capacity for creative implementation of mental (comprehension and mastering of vocally-instrumental work), psychomotor (materially-voice embodiment of own carrying out conception) and concordance actions (verbal report, musically-carrying out show), that will provide the achievement of the put aim of interpretation concertmasters activity of teachers-musicians in terms, that change. A selection of control-estimating block of the investigated abilities is base on scientific approaches of psychological science in relation to component composition of any purposeful activity, where an evaluation-supervisory constituent is obligatory and leading. Universally recognized is that implementation of the actions sent to the achievement of certain aim personality always needs their realization and evaluation; comparing of the got result is to pre-arranged (by a standard); to control after a process and result of their realization; determination of the real level of possession by them; integral positive acceptance itself as a subject of certain activity, id est self-appraisal and self-control. It is found out, that by the necessary factor of successful realization of interpretation concertmasters activity the future teachers of musical art are abilities to provide a selfappraisal and carry out self-control. For the decision of tasks of forming of the above-mentioned abilities the artistic (including problem and interactive) methods of studies, that were used within the limits of private lessons after a concertmasters class, basic musical instrument, were used, during pedagogical practice in establishments of general aspiration.
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