Метафора в роботі психолога консультанта

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ПНПУ імені В. Г. Короленка
Стаття присвячена дослідженню використання терапевтичної метафори в роботі психолога консультанта. Проаналізовані сучасні тенденції вивчення даної проблеми. Розглянуто процес створення метафори, психологічні механізми її конструювання, особливості метафоричних здібностей. Аналізуються особливості роботи з метафорою в позитивній терапії, казкотерапії.
The article is devoted to investigation of the therapeutic use of metaphor by the practical psychologist. The current trend of studying of this theme has been analyzed. In particular, metaphor, employing conscious layers of the psyche, is an instrument of expression of the symbolic unconscious meaning, which is devoid of insignificant specifics: it allows objectifying the internal mechanisms of constructive or destructive social adaptation. If the specification of a rational representation of subjective meaningful material reduces the possibility of deep psychological knowledge to a specific person, the metaphor opens space for its understanding by many people, particularly for deep knowledge, detection of static and dynamic characteristics of the unconscious.The process of metaphors creating during which such logical operations are involved as analysis and comparison with the imagination that contributes to the understanding of the function has been considered. Efficiency of understanding through the metaphor is conditioned by its psychological essence - the ability to activate the emotional and intellectual sphere. The features of the metaphor in a positive psychotherapy and fairy-therapy have been explored. Positive psychotherapy considers personality as a creator of one’s own history and connects the therapeutic effect of metaphor with recalibration of situation. The basis of fairy-therapy includeі metaphors, symbolism and imagery, which open the possibility for integration of conscious and unconsciousю. Not all are able to adequately expression of own emotions, but are able to exercise their underlying problems through symbol, image during direct creative activity. This circumstance allows to recover immature or lost in ontogenesis information and emotional connection with the environment, their own inner world. Fairy metaphor have high efficiency, overcoming system of psychological defense that affect in representing of personal and meaningful material, causing deviations from reality and distort the perception of objective reality. This levels situational protection, offers the possibility of entering the basic protection associated with the logic of the unconscious, in the structure of metaphors appeals to personal resources are laid, its use facilitates integration of the individual.
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метафора, метафоричність, метафоричний образ, терапевтична метафора, порівняння, психологічний захист, самовираження особистості, творча уява, metaphor, imagination, metaphorical image, therapeutic metaphor, simile, psychological defense, self-expression of subject
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Василевська, О. І. Метафора в роботі психолога консультанта [Текст] / О. І. Василевська, Л. Л. Дворніченко // Психологія і особистість : наук. журнал / Інститут психології імені Г. С. Костюка НАПН України ; Полтав. нац. пед. ун-т імені В. Г. Короленка. – Київ ; Полтава : ПНПУ імені В. Г. Короленка, 2017.