Development of American School Organizational Culture in the Concept of «Caring School Community»

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Стаття присвячена аналізу однієї з сучасних американських концепцій розвитку організаційної культури школи, а саме концепції «турботливої громади». Дана концепція виникла в зв'язку з необхідністю глибоких змін у внутрішньому середовищі американських середніх шкіл. Центральною ідеєю даної концепції є необхідність активізації співпраці між інститутами школи, сім'ї та суспільства з метою створення безпечного середовища в школі.
The paper analyzes one of modern American concepts of school organizational culture, the concept of «caring community». Scientific interest to the phenomenon of organizational culture in the USA appeared in the 70 years of the twentieth century, when for the first time, it was assumed the interconnection of school culture and effective operation of schools. The modern concept of «caring school» arose from the need for profound changes in the internal environment of American high schools, so-called «reculturing»: overcoming racial, ethnic conflicts in schools, reduction of drug abuse, the elimination of violence in schools and disorder mental health of students, empower students and their families. The central idea of this concept is the need for enhanced cooperation between the institutions of school, family and society in order to create a safe environment in the school. An analysis of studies of American educational theorists who study education experience caring communities it is found that the activity of schools of this type is based on the following principles: establishing positive social and interpersonal relationships (connectedness), the existence of broad rights and opportunities for everyone (empowerment), supporting school safety (safety), development of cooperation members of the school community (collaboration), harmonizing the actions of members of the school community (consistency), a sense of common ownership (shared ownership), mutual respect (respect), joy atmosphere (fun). The result of the implementation of the principles of "caring school" concept is changing of the school culture, namely the nature of the relationship between the groups of members involved in her life. Thus, the development of a culture of teamwork makes teachers more supportive of new ideas. The relationship between teachers and students a change in such a way that students begin to be seen as participants in the educational changes that establishes the relationship of mutual respect and trust between the two sides. The relationship between children establish on the model of the relationship between the children in family. Building partnerships between parents, community and school can minimize the risk of conflicts between them, and therefore within the school itself.
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організаційна культура, школа, рекультуризація, турботлива громада, співробітництво, organizational culture, school, reculturing, caring community, cooperation
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Dovgopolova, H. H. Development of American School Organizational Culture in the Concept of «Caring School Community» / H. H. Dovgopolova // Людинознавчі студії : збірник наукових праць Дрогобицького державного педагогічного університету імені Івана Франка. Серія «Педагогіка» ; [ред. кол. М. Чепіль (головний редактор) та ін.]. – Дрогобич : Редакційно-видавничий відділ ДДПУ імені Івана Франка, 2017. – Вип. 4/36. – С. 96–105.