Педагогічні умови формування дій з м'ячем у дітей молодшого шкільного віку

Основним напрямом даного дослідження є виявлення педагогічних умов, які забезпечують ефективний вплив ігор та ігрових вправ з м'ячем на всебічний розвиток дітей молодшого шкільного віку, доведено позитивний вплив занять фізичними вправами на стан здоров'я дітей молодшого шкільного віку та впровадження результатів в освітній процес початкових школярів України.
The main focus of this study is to identify pedagogical conditions that ensure effective impact of games and exercises with the ball on the comprehensive development of children of primary school age. In this study, the positive effect of physical activity on the state of health of children of primary school age and implementation of results in the educational process of Ukrainian schools has been proved. In scientific substantiation of the methodology of development of physical qualities attention is concentrated, mainly, on improvement of each motor function in particular, and not at the simultaneous development of their whole complex. The peculiarity of such classes is that they are held in a free environment and are gaming and competitive. Organization of the sporting hours should be considered in close connection with other forms of training. Their placement in the school schedule should be done taking into account time spent on health hours, walks, as well as meals and rest. This direction of physical education contributes to the normal physical development of the body, inoculation and improvement of various motor skills in order to enhance health and forms such personality qualities as endurance, goal orientation, determination. Under the influence of physical exercises, functional and adaptive capabilities of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, musculoskeletal system are expanded, the activity of enzymatic reactions increases, the intensity of redox processes in tissues increases, the organism's resistance to the action of adverse environmental factors increases, and a favorable effect on functional state of the nervous and endocrine systems is made, memory improves, irritability decreases, sleep is normalized. The scientific substantiation of the pedagogical conditions of teaching children of 6-9 years old sporting games and development on this basis of the relevant methodological recommendations allow more widely to apply elements of ball games in the system of physical education of junior schoolchildren, to increase the motor regime by activating children in independent forms of gaming activity during walks.
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фізичне виховання, м'яч, рухові якості, молодший шкільний вік, physical education, ball, motor qualities, junior school age
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