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Title: Методологічні запити реалізації моделі регіонального інноваційного освітнього кластеру
Other Titles: Methodological Requests for the Implementation оf the Regional Innovative Educational Cluster Model
Authors: Дєнєжніков, Сергій Сергійович
Dieniezhnikov, Serhii Serhiiovych
Keywords: кластер
інноваційний кластер
інноваційна модель
замовники інновацій
інноваційна освіта
innovation cluster
innovation model
customers of innovations
innovative education
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка
Citation: Дєнєжніков, С. С. Методологічні запити реалізації моделі регіонального інноваційного освітнього кластеру [Текст] / С. С. Дєнєжніков // Філософія науки: традиції та інновації : науковий журнал / Міністерство освіти і науки України, Сумський державний університет імені А. С. Макаренка ; редкол.: Н. В. Кочубей, В. А. Косяк, Є. О. Лебідь [та ін.]. – Суми : Вид-во СумДПУ імені А. С. Макаренка, 2017. – № 1 (15). – С. 169–179.
Abstract: У статті розглядаються методологічні запити реалізації моделі регіонального інноваційного освітнього кластеру як цілісного утворення, що включає в себе організаційний, управлінський, технологічний та змістовний рівні. Особлива увага у статті направлена на проблему принципів реалізації регіональної моделі кластеру – системності, наступності, релевантності, безперервності, дискретності тощо. Окремий акцент спрямовано на єдність змістовного, процесуального та результативного аспектів реалізації безперервної освіти в умовах регіонального інноваційного освітнього кластеру.
The article considers methodological requests for the implementation of the model of a regional innovative educational cluster as an integral entity, including organizational, managerial, technological and content levels. Particular emphasis in the article is directed to the problem of the principles of the implementation of the regional model of the cluster - system, continuity, relevance, continuity, discreteness and the like. A separate focus is on the unity of the substantive, procedural and effective aspects of the implementation of continuing education in the conditions of a regional innovative educational cluster. Methodological principles of construction of model of regional innovative educational cluster and her connection with institutes and enterprises - by the customers of innovations, financial organizations, stakeholders, by public authorities and others like that are examined in the article. The special accent in the article is directed on the problem of development innovative educational to the cluster sent to training of highly skilled personnels, generation of new knowledge and technologies, system of productively-technological support, informative providing of educational process, and advancement at the regional market of objects of intellectual property. To the basic regional market of services of education tendencies the growing role of information and knowledge behaves in regional socio-economic development, when knowledge enters in the complement of key factors of the economy growing and becomes a competitive edge; an increase of necessity of regional labour-market is in the new shots of high qualification, that in turn, is reason of mass demand on education, especially on higher professional, increase of requirements to the educational clusters in the questions of pleasure by them necessities of social character; globalization of world economy. A valuable innovative-educational cluster co-operates with plenty of institutes and enterprises – customers of innovations, public authorities, financial organizations. The special value in development of such cluster acquires venture financing. A mouldable innovative-educational cluster must organically enter a regional economy, strengthen the priorities conquered by her at the market, to be in co-operating with other clusters in a region. Creation of cluster will allow complex to walk up to the decision of task of labour motivation, will assist bringing in of young people in the sphere of science, education and innovative enterprise. One of important advantages of work in such cluster for everybody possibility all-round to realize the capabilities and abilities is opened. A specialist can simultaneously and in parallel to work in a research laboratory, lay out, to work in a corporation or create it actually small innovative enterprise, it complete freedom of choice appears for him. The primary strategic objective of such collaboration is creation of innovative scientifically-educational structure able to provide the skilled requirements of potential employers (businesses) in the nearest prospect, to render substantial influence on innovative development of region (to municipality) by means of association of educational and research activity of institutions of higher learning with the real necessities of potential enterprises of region (to municipality). This structure owns flexibility and adaptivity to the dinamically changeable terms of market of specialists, commodities and services. Most effective is an innovative model of activity of organization (corporations, conglomerations). An innovative model envisages the search of new ways of development, neutralization of resistance to the changes, use of venture capital, stimulation of innovative activity. In this case the question is about aggressive strategy that is provided by creation and maintenance of the advantageous technological passing of competitors.
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