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Title: Особливості комунікативної компетентності хорового диригента
Other Titles: Features of the Communicative Competence of the Choir Conductor
Authors: Булатова, Людмила Олександрівна
Bulatova, Liudmyla Oleksandrivna
Keywords: виконавсько-хорова діяльність
музична комунікативна взаємодія
компетентісний підхід
комунікативна компетентність
performance-choral activity
musical communicative interaction
competence-oriented approach
communicative competence
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Булатова, Л. О. Особливості комунікативної компетентності хорового диригента [Текст] / Л. О. Булатова // Теоретичні питання культури, освіти та виховання : збірник наукових праць / Київський національний лінгвістичний університет. – Київ, 2019. – № 1 (59). – С. 25–29.
Abstract: У статті висвітлено низку важливих аспектів виконавсько-комунікативної діяльності сучасного хорового диригента.
The article highlights a number of important aspects of the performing-communicative activity of the contemporary choral conductor. Musical-communicative interaction is shown as a multifaceted, complex process of spiritual and psychological communication between its participants in the joint decision of artistic and creative tasks. The essence of the communicative competence of the choirmaster is considered. Competence is presented as a complex integrative quality of the individual, which promotes readiness to carry out certain activities. Practical activity is substantiated as dominant in the formation of the communicative competence of the choir conductor. The essence of the phenomenon of communicative art is emphasized through the prism of psychological peculiarities of his perception. The specificity of the communicative interaction of conductor and performers is shown, which is manifested in establishing the limits of external and internal contact. Communicative actions of the conductor are presented as necessary components of the structure of his professional readiness in solving artistic and socio-cultural problems. The specific features and features of vocal-choral activity, which determine the peculiarities of the communicative competence of conductor-choirmaster, are emphasized. It is emphasized that the communicative competence of the conductor is formed in the unity of theoretical and practical training and contains knowledge, practical skills, attitude, experience of activity and behavioral models of personality.
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