Computer Mathematical Tools: Practical Experience of Learning to Use Them

The article contains general information about the use of specialized mathematics software in the preparation of math teachers. The authors indicate the reasons to study the mathematics software. In particular, they analyze the possibility of presenting basic mathematical courses using mathematical computer tools from both a teacher and a student, argue in favour of using software instead of traditional paper-and-board style. The special course of the study of mathematics software (main tasks of the course are disclosed; knowledge and skills that students should possess on completion of their studies are dedicated; content of computer workshop is detailed) is briefly described. Also the authors give a detailed solution and its methodic basis of typical problem with the use of the SCM Maple. The typical errors which made by students in the use of specialized mathematics packages are characterized. Author’s own experience of teaching computer workshop of the study of mathematical computer tools by the students of Sumy State Pedagogical Makarenko University is presented and analyzed.
В статье приведена обобщенная информация об использовании специализированных компьютерных программ математического направления при подготовке учителей математики. Проанализирован опыт преподавания компьютерного практикума по изучению математических компьютерных инструментов студентам педагогического университета.
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mathematics, computer mathematics, mathematics computer tools, special courses on computer mathematics, математика, компьютерная математика, математические компьютерные инструменты, спецкурсы по компьютерной математике
Бібліографічний опис
Semenikhina, E. Computer Mathematical Tools: Practical Experience of Learning to Use Them / Е. Semenikhina, M. Drushlyak // European Journal of Contemporary Education. – 2014. – V. 9 (3). – P. 175–183.